Back Office Reporting Dashboard


Salesforce Commerce Cloud

My Role:

UX, UI & visual design. Click-through prototyping. 


Sketch, InVision


Store administrators love reports especially if they’re information packed, easy to understand and look great. I was tasked with designing a flexible set of robust and aesthetically pleasing dashboards for reporting screens that could be customizable by the end user in order to meet their specific business needs.


Not only did we need to create a pleasing design but we were required to add in new functionality to the modular type layouts. These charts, graphs and table needed to be thought through as we wouldn’t control how these screens would look once they were customized and used in different ways.


After gathering requirements and interviewing a selection of store admins on what their needs and nice to have features were, I created multiple lo-fi concepts and wire frames for the reporting screens. When I had these far enough along I regrouped with the admins and other stakeholders to get their feedback. This took a few rounds back and forth before we were ready to move onto the high fidelity versions where we once again got together to evaluate how these would work for them.

After several revisions of the higher fidelity versions I finally had sign off from the admins and stakeholders so I was able to proceed with my development team to create our initial MVP version of the reports. Over the next several releases we made updates, improvements and added additional reports

Wire Frames

For this project I ended up creating multiple sets of wire frames each with several iterations before I was confident enough in the solution to move along to higher fidelity versions.

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